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Solanco Business Group began because of the two enterprising and innovative Colombian women initiatives.  Since those women understood the environmental and social problems caused by hydrocarbons spills, they began a 10-year research project from which were obtained extraordinary results by fusing organic components (plant extracts) with nanotechnology. Solanco business group products give a global solution to oil spills, providing environmental, social, and financial sustainability in the hydrocarbon, industrial and agricultural sectors.

Its founders are Tatiana and Natalia Solano. Tatiana is an Industrial Engineer, and Natalia is a Biologist, they are twins and were born in the Huila`s department capital named Neiva located in southern Colombia.

One of the problems that most affect this and several other Colombian regions are oil spills caused by guerrilla group attacks. Among the different damages caused by this, some of them are ecosystems and water sources loss, and the damage that has been done not only to animal’s health, but also to producers who require these resources for working and selling their products. Natalia and Tatiana decided to combine their talents based on research, product development, business vision and their water, energy, and air purification industry trajectory, generating viable solutions to the already mentioned needs and consequences.

Solanco business group has developed a bio, eco and chemical product to meet agro-industrial and hydrocarbon sector’s needs, and to mitigate environmental disasters. Its production is based on nanotechnology and plant extracts which get advantage of our country biodiversity using Aloe Vera and Sacha Inchi products.  For that reason, they manage to normalize contaminated ground and water sources as well. Its best product named Godoil, was created after finishing a 10-year research and is made of nanoparticles that clean affected areas due to hydrocarbon stains. 

Nowadays they have a patent that has represented more than a 300% sales increase in less than 6 months. Godoil has made possible to battle the environmental oil pollution that has been present in Puerto Boyacá municipality for more than 80 years and has also mitigated in Betania dam the pollution caused by ACPM.

Solanco sisters have had to face different challenges to start their entrepreneurship because it is not easy at all to have good access to opportunities. However, their products quality has led them to win numerous awards in which they have been selected among thousands of entrepreneurs at national and regional level, such as: “Copa Mundial del Emprendimiento, Latinoamérica Verde”, “TIC Cumbre de las Américas”, “Reto Bavaria”(climate category), “Corporación Ventures”,”Premiación los 40 Colombianos menores de 40″ which is a “Dinero” magazine award and the “Aldea de Innpulsa” recognition, among others.

Creci’s company support has allowed this company to increase its operating capacity, and as a result, it has increased the contaminated ground and water environmental impact decrease. We are very proud to promote national talent and innovation reflected in projects that are committed to environment care and natural resources optimization when it comes to a biodiverse country such as Colombia.  

These company projections are based on being a global company, which is an aspect that has been contributed by Creci’s investment, we know they will continue to position themselves as regional and global leaders in inputs for contaminated hydrocarbons mitigation. We talk about hydrocarbons derived by petroleum and other sustainable supplies.

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