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This company is a benchmark in financial inclusion in Colombia, and in our client’s portfolio, we want to highlight as Creci company, the impact this organization has, here we`ll tell you its main achievements, challenges, and opportunities.

Imix Digital Correspondents is a Colombian company focused on creating and developing digital ecosystems so that all people, regardless their social and economic status, can apply to small loans, obtain an insurance, or open a bank account. It is one of the most positioned fintech company, in financial inclusion in Latin America and it is currently present in Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, and Ecuador. Its products and services include an inclusion and digital linking platform for people, businesses, and transactional ecosystems.

Imix company began when Sandra Rubio, an executive with a great career, made a difficult decision, and it was to leave the multinational company marketing vice-presidency to become an entrepreneur in technology sector.

Within their main business, they give rise to social impact by contributing to some of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals): poverty reduction, gender equality, inequalities reduction, and economic growth. Imix's business model is not only based on doing profitable business, but is an impact model, which allows people with reduced borrowing capacity to get access to cheaper products and services.

Nowadays Sandra proudly tells us, how Imix company has been receiving international visits from people who want to understand their business model, and the way the payments and financial services are digitized in a physical-digital space, as well as the exciting Fintech world of Colombia, which is described as a highly developed and competitive ecosystem. So far, Imix company has managed to increase users from 11,362 in 2020 to 124,545 in 2021.

As a final consideration, we would like to highlight its founder philosophy, as it is the kind of mindset, we support at Creci company to promote sustainable development: Sandra shared us that a company's success measure is a balance between serving the community and receiving from what has been done, not only monetarily, but also in its members life quality.

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