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We are inspired to support clients that work for the most neglected Colombia areas, one of them is Funmavi, a social enterprise that provides services and programs to promote coexistence, mental health, and environmental care. This company has worked for 12 consecutive years with different municipality mayors in Córdoba department, located on the northern Colombia coast, one of the places with the highest poverty rates and social inequity in the country. It was created in 2008 with a clear objective and it was to contribute to Córdoba department inhabitants’ life quality improvement, which are located in northern Colombia.

Its business model is mainly based on collective intervention plans which, according to Colombian Health Ministry, are benefit plans compounded by health promotion and risk management interventions, which are framed within defined strategies in the Territorial Health Plan (THP), and seek to impact social health determinants positively, and achieve the results defined in the (THP). These plans play an important role in territories where there is little health service access. Their projects are mainly based on pedagogical and psychotherapeutic programs focused on health promotion and prevention.

Among its most outstanding processes are programs to prevent and report violence against women (one of the problems that most affects this department), nutrition programs for mothers who live in vulnerable environments and educational workshops focused on breastfeeding importance, as well as mental health promotion and suicide prevention, in young people especially.

To promote mental health has become the most important thing for their work and they have done it by training, playful workshops, educational talks, awareness-raising workshops, and emotional support with a psycho- guidance counselors team working on their programs execution, helping to prevent suicide high rate in the department. Public health problems in the mental illnesses field caused by pandemic in young people and in adults, due to real facts such as unemployment and confinement, have increased the importance of the programs developed by Funmavi company.

In 2020 they began to work on a strategy to avoid interrupting their face-to-face programs before pandemic started, so, they decided to migrate to a virtual model called ‘Funmavi Virtual Medical Office’ which allows them to give “healthy live” and “mental health” workshops not only to Cordoba department but also to the entire country. Their main purpose is to be a benchmark in the mental health promotion field and coexistence in Colombia remote areas where is very difficult to get access to these services.

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