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Home Artefacto is a nationwide coverage company whose core business is to contribute to CO2 emissions decrease and renewable power generation through its products such as: high range power tools for building industry, solar panels, and toys.  In this article we`ll tell you how this company is measuring its own impact and helping to achieve the number 11 sustainable development objective which is “Sustainable Cities and Communities”.

If you are an investor interested in green business or an entrepreneur with a similar business model, this article is for you. John Jaime Correa Arango is this company founder, he has used his entrepreneur mood and his experience in favor of one of his main concerns, which is: how to inherit a better world for his children, actually John is highly aware of the fact that to reduce  CO2 emissions, is the world’s foremost objective when it comes to environmental matters since this gas excess is the global warming main cause due to the greenhouse effect.


Did you know that Colombia currently has a standardized value of the energy emission factor for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventories? Well, despite their imminent interest in sustainability, when they came to Creci company, they were not completely sure about how to measure impact, and they didn`t have it as a regular practice. But after they received a consultancy with the social impact measurement team, they could start reporting this data in our impact measurement tool once a month, which allowed them to access better interest rates, in fact at this moment, they are enjoying their second loan.

Besides that, they also have the possibility to use these reports to increase market competitiveness and have a highly defined value proposition. Nowadays, this company is helping to reduce 2.3 million C02 tons per month. We look forward to continuing to support this company, so that, it can continue projecting itself as a leader in the renewable energy market and CO2 emissions reduction, especially in Colombian building industry and housing sector.

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