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Comidiscol is a company focused on services provision and technology supplies, marketing of computer products, audiovisual aids, home appliances, office accessories and equipment, and consulting and data privacy as well, offering a quality service for companies, Tech sector professionals and local community.

Its founder is Andrew Antonio Argumedo, a young, forced ousting victim located in Montelíbano Córdoba municipality, whose aim was to work hard for his dreams and create a new reality different than the one that was already predicted according to his past life and social background. So, he started his small business when he decided to satisfy connectivity needs, access to technology, and quality technology services, providing competitive prices to North Atlantic inhabitants.

Nowadays Comidiscol has positioned itself as an Atlantic region market leader, thus contributing to SDG 9: ‘Industry, innovation and infrastructure’ achievement, allowing to have connectivity access and technological services in isolated areas where it is difficult, and hiring local suppliers to promote community development.

In Creci company we think impact is also present in the entrepreneurs’ stories and in services that impact populations located in isolated areas. Due to financing, Comidiscol company has managed to be closer to be a comprehensive company which is its goal, prioritizing to become our customers’ strategic partner, based on a continuous improvement in order to increase confidence, service and quality  products.

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