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“Asesorías Integrales y Procesos Administrativos. AIPAD S.A.S.” is a holding company focused on two different business lines, created to provide outsourcing services such as: Health Administrative Services, and Payroll Services. The 20-year experienced directors named Guillermo Gonzales and Liliana Peña are health
sector administration specialists.

AIPAD began in 2013 as a family business in Bogota city as soon as Guillermo and Liliana noticed that health services sector needed to be optimized, so, they decided to provide consultancy and train administrative and operational employees who work for this organization.

This is how they founded a business that works in three different business lines: AIPAD Health: this business line is focused on the incorporation of administrative services in health. AIPAD Payroll: Payroll Outsourcing Service and AIPAD IT: Provides consulting services, support, implementation, training, and technology supply for the customers operational and administrative processes improvement.

Time has allowed AIPAD to position itself in health sector as a strategic management ally when it comes about renowned institution’s administrative processes, such as: San José Hospital, El Bosque Clinic or San Vicente de Paul Hospital. AIPAD provides business consultancy and payroll outsourcing to other small and medium-sized companies, but its main value proposal is to optimize its clients' processes through innovative technological solutions that allow patients and assets tracking and provide organizations with high visibility of their resources.

AIPAD has been provided a loan by Creci company with the required amount of money to continue its operations. Nowadays they generate 95 permanent jobs, and their employees regularly receive performance and professional development assessments, as well as 10 training programs, and in 2020 they received the Coomeva award in the small business category.

In Creci company we are all committed to applied innovation, and we have the certainty that this company can take organization administrative processes to a higher level for the ones that need this, whether because they do not have the knowledge or because they don`t have resources enough to develop and handle different tools.

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