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Agroaguas is a design and manufacture company which installs potable water treatment systems and offers environmental services consultancy. Its market is focused on municipalities and porcine, poultry and livestock farms in Colombia regions where access to potable water is difficult and people are not trained enough, because they don`t know exactly how to use friendly with environment production practices that increase profitability.

Agroaguas began in 1985, when Jorge Iván Pérez visualized a great future by solving agricultural and industrial productive sector needs, through giving hydric sources support. And that, made him discover a concept that has the capacity to support water quality and environment management. In the beginning, they worked providing potable water solutions for agricultural and livestock sector, and afterwards, they expanded to municipal water treatment market. In that way, this project, that had begun as a dream, finally became a real one, and the company began to be recognized in agriculture and livestock sector and positioned itself as leader in hydric resource management.

Colombia is the third country around the world which has the largest water amount. However, in rural areas it is normal for this resource to be wasted or misused, causing human and animal health damage. Agroaguas main objective is not only to ensure itself treatment but also to create awareness about our natural resource’s importance, and, for that reason, it already has a multidisciplinary technical team for this purpose, who work in sanitary, environmental, chemical, agricultural, hydraulic, and civil engineering areas. In addition to that, bacteriology professionals are combining their knowledge to develop a whole services portfolio that can be more than only creating water treatment plants and can also include environmental management plans, aqueduct and sewage system master plans, sanitary landfills, and solid waste comprehensive management.

Their products and services are developed due to a close collaboration and relationship with the client while planning, building, launch, and maintenance processes related to hydric systems. And their hydric resources management experience has allowed them, not only to develop, but also to adapt their own techniques to the surroundings real needs, trying to keep up with technology and being present in the most important fairs related to water and environment, whether at national or international level. They have acquired certifications and acknowledgement which validate their services quality whether at administrative or product and service levels, such us ISO 9001 certification, Water Quality Association membership, and Commerce Chamber and Medellín Mayor’s Office awards for their social responsibility commitment, among others.

Creci’s support has allowed this company to supply up to 90 liters of water per second in tanks up to 3,300 liters, and they have supplied 17 Guarne municipality villages located in Antioquia department, Alto del Oso village in Córdoba located in Quindío department and some difficult resources access areas in Maicao, located in Guajira department, among more than 100  currently active plants.  We have the certain that they will continue to position themselves in the market as a company that has the best quality and service performance when it comes to water treatment industry and environmental solutions, and they are recognized by its technical human strength and continuous improvement according to the environment needs.

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