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Acuaservise R&D SAS, is a market leading company, committed to providing quality services, whose main purpose is to serve the community in the drinking water treatment, sewage purifying, and everything related to water conditioning for industry.


It was founded in 2017 by two chemical engineers named Gloria Palacios and María Isabel Chandía, with a business administrator named Sandra Pedraza. Sandra and María Isabel met each other while they were working in a renowned company into water treatment sector, in which Sandra oversaw the administrative part of the company and Maria Isabel oversaw the automation processes. Gloria had an administrative position in one of the largest companies, related to dairy, food and beverage industry in Colombia and the region, which currently is one of her most important clients, due to the kind of relationship she has built with this company.


The three of them designed a business model that has enabled them to maintain contracts with national coverage organizations, such as the Colombian Military Forces, Colombiana company, Ecopetrol company, among others. By the way, during the 2020 to 2021 period, they have quoted contracts valued at 4 billion or more, it means three times 2019 sales. They currently have a 25-client portfolio, which is compound by national and local coverage organizations that have allowed them to extend their services around the country. Acuaservice purifies 6.4 million tons of water a day, generates 40 employs, benefits 37,500 users, and helps to reduce potential real significant and negative impact operations by 33% in local communities.


Another element to highlight in this company is that they seem to have the sustainability inside their DNA, they fulfill products transportation environmental regulation, and reuse and recycle their containers. They measure their water and energy consumption once a month. Besides this, after beginning by only taking care of purification plant installation, their most important objective has been to become an exclusive supplier for their customers in relation to this process, also providing maintenance, control, and the necessary supplies.


Gloria explains that she has acknowledged major brands role model, such as car`s brands ones, and it consists of buying a car, and additionally buy car’s spares and go to the car’s maintenance centers. They have covered all their value chain parts step by step, and even though they still must import their raw materials from countries such as Germany and China, and outsource their laboratories, Creci’s capital contribution has taken them closer to their objectives. This enterprising women team plans to have their own laboratories 5 years from now, with one purpose and it is; to study their sampling and buy all their chemical inputs in Colombia.

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