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Who we are

Impact. Driven. Finance.

Creci people are on a mission to democratize impact investing, support sustainable businesses, and build a more hopeful future through finance.

We are a smart, resourceful, data-driven team that is passionate about positive social and environmental impacts, and their ability to transform the economy and our communities.

We believe in the power of every individual to create positive change through their investment choices.

And when we take action as a community, we all become part of an unstoppable force.

Creci is on a mission to:

Empower individuals and businesses to become impact investors

We provide valuable information on impact investing and an impact investing platform, both of which make it simple for everyone to earn a return while supporting impactful businesses.

Support businesses that are good for people and the planet

As part of a community of like-minded individuals and businesses, we connect investments to sustainable businesses to close credit gaps and attract investment to green the economy.

Co-create the future of finance. Today.

We tie the price of financial products to the positive impacts businesses are making and deploy our resources to model a world that works for everyone while pursuing returns.

Awards & Recognition

Winner, peer-to-peer lending, alternative funding
& SME lending category

VillageCapital Accelerator & Grant Award

Northwestern | Kellogg Social Entrepreneurship Grant Award

eMerge Americans Startup Showcase

Accelerate Yale Finalist Company


Answers to the most common questions about impact investing and Creci’s Impact Investing Platform

Notice to residents of Florida, and Washington: We currently cannot accept investments from residents of your state, as we are working to obtain the required approvals. Until such time that the approvals are secured, no money or consideration is being solicited, and if sent prior to such approval, will not be accepted.

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