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Support social and environmental impact businesses and the transition to a sustainable economy while earning an attractive 5% fixed return.

Currently, only for U.S. residents, except for residents of Florida and Washington. We are now working to get approvals for these states.

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Water technology and infrastructure

Impact. Driven. Finance.

Creci is bringing impact investing into the mainstream and helping investors do better than the meager interest they receive on most deposit accounts.

With your participation, Creci is putting money to work in progressive companies to build a more hopeful road ahead. Together we can re-envision the future of finance!

How it works

Infographic explaining how Creci impact investing works

We make it possible for investors to financially support social, and environmental impact businesses in the United States and Latin America with as little as a $10 investment. 


We believe that sustainable business models and companies transitioning to the green economy are the key to solving big challenges like climate change, food insecurity, lack of education, poverty and gender inequality to name a few.  


So, we help close the credit gap and provide them with the financing they need to grow or transition.   In turn, we are able to provide impact investors – investors like you – an attractive 5% fixed return!

Four easy steps to become a Creci Impact Investor

Creci’s proprietary platform democratizes impact investing by making it easy for you to become an impact investor. No trips to a boring bank. No waiting in line.


Register on our platform, link your account, get verified, and choose your investment. That’s it! Your time is now.  Start earning a financial return while helping sustainable businesses grow, and positively impact local communities.  All within minutes!

These are just some of the impact companies Creci has financed:

Notice to residents of Florida and Washington: We currently cannot accept investments from residents of your state, as we are working to obtain the required approvals. Until such time that the approvals are secured, no money or consideration is being solicited, and if sent prior to such approval, will not be accepted.

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