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En 2019 pusimos en marcha nuestro sueño de apoyar el tejido empresarial colombiano cuya misión se alineaba con el impacto social y los objetivos de desarrollo sostenible. Hoy queremos dar gracias a todas las entidades con las que trabajamos y logramos apalancar una mejor calidad de vida para los colombianos. Sin embargo, muy a pesar de nuestros esfuerzos tenemos que comunicar a nuestra comunidad el cierre de Creci como compañía de crédito en Colombia. Este hasta pronto nos deja miles de lecciones aprendidas, muchos amigos valiosos, un enriquecimiento a nivel personal y profesional como equipo Creci. Nuestro deseo de trabajar en Colombia sigue en nuestros corazones y esperamos pronto regresar con mas fuerza cuando nuestras condiciones lo permitan. Seguiremos realizando nuestros procesos de cartera como lo venimos haciendo hasta hoy pero nuestro proceso para  nuevas aplicaciones de crédito finalizará en diciembre 31 de 2022.
Gracias de nuevo, fue un honor trabajar con ustedes.

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Impact Investing

Creci was established to enable social and environmental small businesses to obtain financing to help them flourish and contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Unfortunately, a combination of factors has forced us to wind down the company. For Creci Note investors that had accounts on our website, you should have already received your principal investment plus any accrued interest earned as of December 31, 2022.  You also will receive your 1099-INTs for any interest earned in 2022 by January 31, 2022, either by email or to your account, which will remain active through that time.   


We thank all of our impact investors, suppliers and supporters, who enabled access to finance and significant contributions to the SDGs for over the small- and medium-sized enterprises we were fortunate enough to support.   We can all be proud of this achievement.


Once again, thank you sincerely,

The Creci team

*Currently, only for U.S. residents, except for residents of Washington. We are now working to get approvals for these states.

Water technology and infrastructure

Invest in Creci Notes, Our Impact Investment Bonds

Creci Notes, which are our impact investment bonds, are an efficient and accessible means to enable individuals and businesses to participate in impact investing.

Start your journey by purchasing our Creci Notes so you can start earning a 5% fixed return while supporting small and medium businesses that further the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

How it works

Infographic explaining how Creci impact investing works

We make it possible for investors and institutions to financially support social and environmental impact businesses in the Americas with as little as a $10 investment. In turn, we are able to provide impact investors and corporate investors – like you – a 5% fixed return!

Individual and corporate investors can see the difference they are making by reading our client profiles and their impact stories.

How to invest in bonds?

Investor Testimonials

What motivates you to be an impact investor?


As a Peace Corps as a Community Economic Development Volunteer, I have seen how powerful entrepreneurship can be at driving change in a community.


What motivated you to invest with Creci?


I have fortunately had the chance to personally meet ten Creci clients, all of whom had impressive businesses with an eye toward improving their employees’ quality of life and/or improving the environment.   Those are the kinds of companies I would like to help finance.


What did you like about your experience of investing on Creci’s Impact Investing Platform?


The Platform is intuitive and easy to use! Users can see their interest accumulating daily and easily make additional deposits from any US bank account.

What motivates you to be an impact investor?


For me, creating value for society is as important as financial return. Being an impact investor enables me to do both.


What motivated you to invest with Creci?


If I can become an impact investor with sas little as $10, that means others can as well.   Creci’s model encourages action from a broad base of investors – different ages, different walks of life – but all striving for the same positive outcomes.   I really love this aspect.


What did you like about your experience of investing on Creci’s Impact Investing Platform?


When I invest, I look for simplicity and better returns.   I want better returns than I would get just letting mymoney just sit in my bank account making close to nothing. Creci gives me all of that.

What motivates you to be an impact investor?


I am motivated by my desire to invest with a purpose and contribute to making the world a better place.  Impact investing allows me to invest in alignment with my values.


What motivated you to invest with Creci?


From Creci’s business model, I liked that I can invest with as little as $10 dollars. That means that I, like any normal person, can become an impact investor.


What did you like about your experience of investing on Creci’s Impact Investing Platform?


I liked that the process was a very simple one that enables anyone to become an impact investor. I was not confused by any of the steps and was able to make my investment in 10 minutes. Everything was so easy!   I also like that there are no fees and that I didn’t have to invest in a fund with other securities in the mix.

Four easy steps to become a Creci Impact Investor

Creci’s proprietary platform democratizes impact investing by making it easy for individuals and businesses to become impact investors. No trips to a boring bank. No waiting in line.

Register on our platform, link your account, get verified, and choose your investment. That’s it! Your time is now.  Start earning a financial return while helping sustainable businesses grow, and positively impact local communities.  All within minutes!

These are just some of the impact companies Creci has financed:


Answers to the most common questions about impact investing and Creci’s Impact Investing Platform.

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Notice to residents of Washington: We currently cannot accept investments from residents of your state, as we are working to obtain the required approvals. Until such time that the approvals are secured, no money or consideration is being solicited, and if sent prior to such approval, will not be accepted.

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